• What we do

    ChildHope | International children's charity supporting street and working children

    Millions of children face poverty and violence in their everyday lives. We believe all children deserve a life free from injustice and abuse.

    Working with local partners in Africa, Asia and South America, ChildHope listens to children and actively involves them in finding solutions to transform their futures.To create long-lasting change, solutions needs to come from the ground up – from the children themselves, communities and organisations. In this way, we ensure that the projects are relevant and realistic.
  • 25 years of ChildHope

    Until the 1980’s, street children’s voices went unheard and their problems ignored. In response, an international group of people who cared deeply about the plight of these children came together and ChildHope was born, becoming a registered charity in 1989. Initially responding to street children’s immediate needs for food, clothing, and shelter, healthcare and counselling, ChildHope has evolved over the years.

    We have worked in a total of 26 countries, including The Philippines, Thailand, Gaza, Bulgaria and Ukraine to name just a few. We now work with like-minded local grassroots organisations in Africa, Asia and South America, challenging the violence and injustices that children face. We believe it is important to strengthen communities in order to alleviate the conditions that lead to children being on the streets in the first place and to involve children in making decisions about making positive changes. We continually look for new and innovative ways to empower street and working children and help them to get off the streets and into quality education, giving them more freedom to shape their own futures.

  • Could you Live Below the Line?

    The Live Below the Line challenge is to eat and drink for £1 a day, for 5 days, giving you a small glimpse in to the challenges and choices faced by those who live in extreme poverty every day. It is a fundraising, and poverty awareness campaign. We’ll be asking our supporters to take up the challenge from 27th April – 1st May 2015.

    Join the ChildHope team, and sign up to take the challenge today.