• What we do

    ChildHope | International children's charity supporting street and working children

    Millions of children face poverty and violence in their everyday lives. We believe all children deserve a life free from injustice and abuse.

    Working with local partners in Africa, Asia and South America, ChildHope listens to children and actively involves them in finding solutions to transform their futures.To create long-lasting change, solutions needs to come from the ground up – from the children themselves, communities and organisations. In this way, we ensure that the projects are relevant and realistic.
  • Our history

    ChildHope was established as an independent UK charity in 1989. With support from UNICEF, Save the Children (Sweden) and others, ChildHope grew out of the recognition of the huge and growing but neglected problem of children living and working on the streets of Africa, Asia and South America.

    ChildHope began by responding to street children’s immediate needs for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and counselling. Over the last twenty years, we have been working with local organisations to develop long lasting solutions aimed at tackling the root causes of the poverty and the injustice faced by children around the world. As a result ChildHope has established a reputation for our innovative and highly effective approach to improving the lives of children.

  • Our Impact

    Established in 1989, ChildHope has pioneered an approach that goes beyond quick fixes. Over the years, our work has helped make a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of children ensuring that they can build a life away from the dangers of the streets.

    ChildHope is currently supporting 132,871 children and young people to make long term improvements to their lives. Our programmes reach a further 52,277 adults. This community-based work is vital in raising awareness of the need to better protect and support children, and developing child protection mechanisms over the long term.