• What we do

    ChildHope | International children's charity supporting street and working children

    Millions of children face poverty and violence in their everyday lives. We believe all children deserve a life free from injustice and abuse.

    Working with local partners in Africa, Asia and South America, ChildHope listens to children and actively involves them in finding solutions to transform their futures.To create long-lasting change, solutions needs to come from the ground up – from the children themselves, communities and organisations. In this way, we ensure that the projects are relevant and realistic.
  • Make a difference today by giving through your pay

    Making a regular donation through Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and most tax-effective ways to support ChildHope and make a real difference to children’s lives.

    How does payroll giving work?
    Payroll Giving (also known as Give as You Earn) allows you to give a regular gift directly from your pay before tax is deducted. This means your donation goes even further, at no extra cost to you.

    A gift of £10 to ChildHope will only cost you £6, or £8!
    For every £1 donated, you only pay 80p if you are a basic rate taxpayer. Or 60p if you pay a higher rate of tax. The taxman will pay the rest! Sign up today.

    By setting up payroll giving you can help give vulnerable children around the world the opportunities they deserve and help transform their futures.
  • ChildHope Strategic Framework 2016 - 2020

    “At the heart of ChildHope’s new 5-year strategy is a commitment to reach those children who are often ignored or shunned, even by the majority of development projects. Together with our partners around the world, we aim to give these children safe spaces to learn and thrive, and an active role in making decisions about their lives.”

    Jill Healey, Executive Director

    Find out more about our plans for the next 5 years!