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Our History

A timeline of ChildHope's history.....

Tracking our journey over the past 29 years has been fascinating. While many things have changed, our core principle remains strong. ChildHope UK believes in the leadership of our partners to address violence and injustice against children. Also, children’s own voices have become louder and stronger every year.

2018 - With protection and safeguarding high on everyone’s agenda, we are working with our Southern partners in Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Nepal, to grow the training and support we can offer to other agencies to make their organisations safer and stronger. Through programme partnerships in Africa, Asia and Peru, we continue to learn and develop expertise in the areas of trafficking, child labour, disability inclusion and education, growing connections across borders and between agencies.

2017 - We successfully completed Phase 1 of our Girls’ Education Challenge Fund programme in Ethiopia, ChildHope’s largest programme to date, and started Phase 2. In the UK, our Lunch and Learn Seminars are enabling participants to meet other experts in the field and strengthen their child protection knowledge and practice.

2016 - We launched our new strategic framework 2016 – 2020. With a commitment to greater inclusion of children with disabilities across all of our work, we embarked on a programme to build understanding and awareness of disability within ChildHope UK and our partners around the world. We made the difficult decision to end our funded programmes in Brazil (2016) and Peru (by 2020).

2015 - We reviewed our work and renewed our commitment to work with extremely marginalised children, including street and working children, as part of the Global Commitment to Leave No-One Behind, part of the Strategic Development Goals. Our focus on protection, participation and promoting learning aims to break cycles of violence and exclusion and bring new opportunities to children facing injustice and abuse.

2014 - “Everything Must Go” (EMG) Initiative is launched, supporting ChildHope’s partner in Bangladesh whenever a t-shirt sale is made. Our first Asia knowledge sharing workshop is held in Thailand.

2013 - Juliet Stevenson hosts Radio 4 Appeal and becomes a new ChildHope patron. Funding secured for the Girls’ Education Challenge Fund in Ethiopia, supporting 14,503 girls to access, stay in and thrive in education; ChildHope 10K Race begins. Our second Africa knowledge sharing workshop is held in Uganda. ChildHope’s work reaches over 114,000 children.

2012ChildHope’s first Live Below the Line challenge begins, raising money and awareness to challenge poverty and hunger

2011To strengthen knowledge sharing from and within Southern countries, our first Africa Sharing Workshop is held in Nairobi

2010Prioritise educating families and teachers about the rights of a child

2009Over £35,000 raised through the BBC Lifelife Appeal with Konnie Huq

2008Refocus goals to work with boys, girls and youths under 25 years old

2007Coalition with eight NGOs to reduce violence against women and children is formed

2006Partner, Butterflies, wins second prize for the Global Network Development’s Most Innovative Development Project for children’s development banks, a programme that goes from strength to strength and is now implemented in many countries, in Asia and Africa

2005Ceased all work in Central and Eastern Europe

2004BBC documentary about our work in Peru for Sports Relief; developed Toolkit on Child Protection to teach North and South partners; moved location to Development House

2003Refocused working relationships, strengthening the scope for partners to lead programmes

2002Gift Aid scheme introduced, making eligible donations worth 25% more, enabling ChildHope to reach more children, young people and their families

2001Five new partnerships are established: CHAD-ET (Ethiopia), Sathsath (Nepal), Butterflies (India), Aparajeyo (Bangladesh) and Railway Children (India). We remain partners with CHADET and Butterflies and have close connections to the work of the Railway Children.

2000Founding member Nicolas Fenton steps down as the Executive Director and is replaced by Geoffrey Cordell.

1999 Former First Lady and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton donates $50,000 to partner project in Bulgaria: the Faith, Hope and Love Centre.

1998 Relationship with Pendekezo Letu (PKL) in Nairobi, our longest continued partner, begins

1997First-time grants from Comic Relief, The Big Lottery Fund and DFID are obtained

1996First lead project in Asia with Foundation for Rural Youth (FRY) in Bangkok, focusing on HIV/AIDS is launched

1995Participant in the European Task Force for Street Children

1994First day centre for street children in Albania is opened with partner, SHEFT

1993ChildHope is a founding member of Consortium for Street Children (UK); shifted focus to education; changes name from CHILDHOPE UK to ChildHope UK

1992 Eastern European Fund for work in Romania, Albania and Ukraine is granted

1991ChildHope UK becomes the official European Regional office of ChildHope, taking over from Geneva

1990Southern Africa Fund to aid street children in South Africa, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique is obtained

1989 – ChildHope UK was set up to “support already existing community based programs, providing them with training and technical assistance to enhance these local programs and to assist these projects in finding sources of funding.” This principle has remained with us throughout the 25 years.

A partnership approach

ChildHope’s approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships.

Our partners are committed to child rights and understand the context of children’s lives. They share our values and deliver programmes that change the lives of children for the better.

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