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Learning about fundraising and communications

"During the last few days we've had the opportunity to share learning about our experience of fundraising and communications in the UK. But what's been even more constructive was hearing about Butterflies fundraising activities and events. In April Butterflies organised a music event for over 200 supporters at the Germany Embassy in Delhi. By utilising volunteers and securing gifts-in-kind, they were able to keep costs low and raise over 80,000 rupees (£1,070).

It was also terrific to hear about the up and coming Fundraising Workshop which will be run by Butterflies and delivered to other Indian child rights charities. It's heartening to know that Butterflies successful fundraising techniques will help to transform the fortunes of other vulnerable children."

Tim Jenner, ChildHope's Events & Marketing Officer

Sharing learning and good practice, and providing training and support to our local partners is a crucial focus of ChildHope's work. This ensures we can develop the most effective child rights projects and also ensures that our partners are strong sustainable organisations that can continue their vital work after ChildHope funding ends.

This week ChildHope's fundraising team members Esther Evans and Tim Jenner, alongside Asia programmes manager Rajni Singh, will be visiting Indian partner NGO Butterflies. The visit will be an opportunity Butterflies and ChildHope to share learning about fundraising and communication whilst also allowing time to develop new projects supporting children.

During the visit, Esther and Tim will be facilitating workshops to share experience of fundraising systems, donor stewardship, data management and online communications.

"I'm really looking forward to finding out more about Butterflies current fundraising systems and sharing our experiences from the UK. Hopefully we can learn from each other which should help raise more money for extremely vulnerable children in India."

Esther Evans, ChildHope's Fundraising Administrator

Rajni Singh will also be working with Butterflies in preparation for the start of the new Comic Relief Investment Grant. Her work will include talking with Butterflies staff, children and other stakeholders involved implementing the project.

"I see this week as a brilliant opportunity for us and Butterflies to learn more about fundraising and communications. It'll also be great to iron out the finer detail of the new Investment Grant recently awarded to us by Comic Relief."

Follow Esther, Tim and Rajni on Twitter to stay informed with the latest news direct from Butterflies Head Office in Delhi.

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