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March 8th marks the annual International Women's Day!

Not only do we work directly with girls, but ChildHope's experience of also supporting women in Asia, Africa and Latin America - be it mothers, teachers, local leaders, politicians or community members - has shown that when women are empowered, there is a strong impact on children's quality of life. For instance, improving women's access to credit has reduced child labour in Peru and reducing violence against women has led to less child abuse in Brazil.

In the UK ChildHope's focus is to ensure that the distinct needs of boys and girls are at the heart of development initiatives, and we push for strategies that address the links between violence against women and violence against children.

The Prime Minister announced on International Women's Day, that Baroness Kinnock will be given a new responsibility for leading the Government's work to tackle violence against women overseas. We urge you to take the opportunity in this election year to lobby your local candidates to ensure that all political parties make it a manifesto pledge to support the continued existence of this new post.

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