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Employees at Aberdeen Asset Management have voted for ChildHope UK to be the organisation's next emerging markets charity partner based in Peru supported through the Aberdeen Charitable Foundation.

ChildHope UK's Executive Director Jill Healey said; "We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected as Aberdeen Asset Management's next charity partner. By working together we can fundamentality transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Peru and give them a chance for a better future.''

ChildHope UK is an international development charity which works with partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to support children who face the worst forms of injustice, violence and abuse.

Over the next 3 years Aberdeen Asset Management will fund the work of ChildHope's partner CESIP in Lima, Peru. Despite strong economic growth at a national level, many children in Peru continue to live in poverty. Child labour rates are exceptionally high, with 26% children forced to forgo their education in order to work and support their families.

DSC02290Although education is available to all children in Peru, opportunities for success are far from equal. Improving education and opportunities for the children in these communities is critical in breaking cycles of poverty and deprivation and that's where Aberdeen Asset Management's funds will make a huge difference. CESIP will provide targeted support to 8 schools in the poorest communities around Lima and directly benefit 7,365 children as well as 4,500 parents and 400 teachers.

CESIP will bring parents, teachers and pupils together to identify the risks children face both in school and in the community. Child Protection Procedures will be created and staff will be trained to detect and report serious cases of abuse and mistreatment.  Children will be empowered to speak out about any mistreatment or concerns through the creation of School Councils. Parent Association groups will also receive training so that they can make sure teachers are held to account and that children who may otherwise drop out receive support both within school and within the community.

Employees across all Aberdeen's global offices will be offered the opportunity to visit the project and volunteer with CESIP in 2017. To find out more about the Aberdeen Charitable Foundation please click here.

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