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Your help can stop the abuse of children

Earlier this year I met Beza in Ethiopia. She was 12 years old when she went to live with her grandparents after losing both her parents to AIDS. Her grandfather expected her to look after the family cow, but when Beza begged to attend school rather than stay at home, her grandfather beat her with a large stick. She was so afraid she ran away to a town 20km away.

Fortunately our project staff came across Beza and took her back home to her grandmother. After speaking to Beza's grandparents, both now understand how important Beza's education is and that listening to children means they are far less likely to run away.

Help us stop the abuse of children like Beza by making a donation today
When children no longer have parents to care for them, ChildHope believes the people best placed to protect them are their families and communities rather than institutions.

Beza is only one of thousands of children who with ChildHope's support have been reconciled with their own families or placed with other caring adults.

Thanks to ChildHope and the local organisations we work with, families and communities now have a better understanding of the horrifying dangers faced by runaway, orphaned or abandoned children and therefore children can be better protected.

£100 will make sure that a child like Beza can fulfil their ambitions - in her case, to be a doctor - rather than being coerced into work that is dangerous or exploitative, such as prostitution or domestic work.

Please make a donation today and help us stop child abuse

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