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For many of us, the pocket money earned as a child was kept safely in a piggy bank or account.  Ready to be spent on sweets or saved for a special treat.  But for the children living and working on the streets in Delhi, the money they earn is vital for their survival.  Life is risky for the children and they are often vulnerable to theft - leaving them without the means to meet their basic needs.

A safe place to save their money

For children living on the streets in India, it has been life changing to meet ChildHope partner Butterflies. Butterflies have a great initiative, The Children's Development Khazana. The CDK idea came from the children themselves.  It is run by the children, for the children.  It is a trusted place were any child living and working on the streets can keep their money safe.


"Today my family and I will have a full meal for the first time in three months."

India - girl

Sameera, a 10 year old girl, life on the streets with her family was defined by constant fear. Without enough money to meet their basic needs, her family eats a proper meal just once a week; the rest of the time they survive on one meal of plain rice.

Moving away from a hand to mouth existence

Sameera now has somewhere she can save the small amounts of money she earns to help support her family. This allows Sameera and children like her to move away from a hand-to mouth existence and invest in their futures. Through the children's khazana she has been able to pay for her school fees and materials and her family can now look forward to regular full meals.

It is great to see the Daily Mail newspaper recognise what it means to a child to have a safe place to keep their money. In the children's khazana it won't get lost or stolen. A child can chose to save their money, or spend it on nourishing food and drink. But it goes beyond that; it gives a child hope for a brighter future and the chance of an education.

Read the Daily Mail's article on the Children's Development Khazana.

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