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On the International Day of Literacy, we once again shift our attention to the value and importance of education: something that is taken for granted by many.

In spite of significant progress being made in achieving universal, free primary school education, including a 91% global primary school enrolment rate and increased gender equality in enrolment, over 57 million children remain out of school.

International literacy dayIn Peru, issues such as child labour, violence and exploitation are widespread challenges and barriers to education which disproportionately impact impoverished communities.

ChildHope’s partner in Peru, CESIP, are tackling these issues across the suburbs of Lima, which hinder children’s access to safe and quality education.

CESIP are providing direct educational support to children falling behind at school, such as additional numeracy & literacy classes and sessions with an educational therapist, as well as building children’s social skills and self-confidence through dance workshops and arts and crafts. They are also engaging key people and institutions in their lives to take greater responsibility in supporting children to stay in education, from parents, teachers and the local government.

By working on all these levels ChildHope and CESIP are ensuring that schools are a safe and stimulating environment that enable all children to learn and thrive.

To help ChildHope support more children access a safe and quality education, please donate here!

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