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Supporting children to have a voice in their community and play an active role in overcoming the problems they face is a vital part of ChildHope's work. That is why we were so delighted when a group of children came together in the UK to run a Puzzle Day to raise funds to support children around the world.

'We were brought up well in a good country but some children in other countries don't have the same things we do so we thought we should help them.'

Charlotte Staines

After carefully researching different charities and fundraising ideas, the group - Charlotte, Annabel and Emma Staines and Maya, Roma and Kieran Agnihotri - decided to run a family puzzle-solving day at Nascot Wood Recital Hall in support of ChildHope. The day brought adults and children alike together in solving a series of lateral thinking puzzles, all at different difficulty levels - and the competition was often fierce!

The family puzzle day was featured in the Watford Observer

Children raising hope for children
Catriona Fox, ChildHope's Head of Fundraising, attended the event with team member Esther Evans:

'It was fantastic to be part of the family puzzle day. It was fun and so well organised. One of the most inspiring things about ChildHope's projects is seeing children, who were often previously facing abuse, taking the lead in their communities. This event was particularly special because it was the children's idea in the first place. Their hard work and organisation that made the day a real success. Thank you for organising such an inspirational event!'

Thanks to the group's wonderful efforts the event raised an incredible £905 enabling ChildHope to continue transforming children's lives around the world.

Our work is only possible with the support of people like our Puzzle Friends. If you are interested in organising a school, community or company event to support our work, please contact Catriona Fox via email or call 020 7065 0950.

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