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Millions of children across the world live and work on the streets. They are exposed to extremely dangerous situations on a daily basis. The International Day for Street Children, celebrated on 12th April each year, aims to raise awareness about issues affecting street-connected children, and provide children the opportunity to have their voices heard.

ChildHope and partners believe that every child deserves a life free from injustice and abuse, and with your support, will continue working to get children off the streets and into education.This year, ChildHope will be joining a coalition of organisations, including the Consortium for Street Children, to demand a day for all international street children! If the International Day for Street Children is declared an official day by the UN, then Governments around the world will be committed to supporting street-connected children. Join us, sign the petition today.

International Day for Street Children in Kenya

In Kenya, ChildHope works in partnership with Pendekezo Letu to support street-connected girls who are living and working on the streets and slums of Nairobi. The project takes a holistic approach, supporting and empowering the parents/caregivers and siblings of the girls living and working on the street.

As part of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day event, John Bishop recently visited the Pendekezo Letu project and met with 10 year old Margaret working on a dumpsite in one of Nairobi's largest slums.

Since this video was made, Margaret has been enrolled into a 10 month rehabilitation programme at Pendekezo Letu's Centre, and her family are being supported by Social Workers. As part of this years' International Day for Street Children event in Nairobi, Margaret will be joining hundreds of other children who will come together and share their experiences of living on the street.This year, Pendekezo Letu has teamed up with other organisations in the 'Street Children and Youths Organisations' Network- Kenya ' to celebrate the event. Their message is"MIMI NI WA MAANA, CHOKORAA NI JINA LA KUBANDIKWA", meaning "I AM VALUABLE, 'STREET CHILD' IS JUST A NAME."

Join ChildHope and help street children have their voice -share this story today and #tweetforthestreet!

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