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International Day for Street Children is the one day a year street-connected children have a platform to tell the world their stories, experiences and needs.

Too often, street-connected children are ignored and marginalised, and every year, we work together to demonstrate the fantastic work being done globally to make street-connected children a priority on national and global agendas.

Last year, we used International Day for Street Children to celebrate the mandate we received from the United Nations. Street-connected children’s rights were finally, after years of work from our Network, recognised and explained.

Despite this, street-connected children continue to be discriminated against, abused, and are often unable to go to school, see a doctor, or even seek justice when harmed. Armed with this mandate from the UN, we cannot allow this to happen anymore.

This year, we come to you with a plan that will help governments understand their obligations to street-connected children through 4 simple steps:

Commit to Equality – Recognise street children have the same rights as everyone else – and reflect that in the law.

Protect Every Child – Protect street children from violence and abuse and ensure children have access to justice when they are harmed.

Provide Access to Services – Enable access to the same essential services as every other child, such as hospitals and schools, so they can reach their full potential

Create New Solutions – Deliver specialized services and opportunities that tune into the unique needs and challenges of life for street children.

Our message is simple: Equality for street children starts here. We know what steps to take, so let’s make it happen.

This International Day for Street Children, stand with us and ask your government to implement the 4 steps to equality. Spread the word on social media, and demand change by writing to your government representative. Access our social media and template letters here.

Stay tuned for more activities and guidance for advocating for the implementation of these 4 steps. Together, we can make equality happen for every street child.

Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is the only global network that raises the voices of street children and creates long-term change to ensure they are not overlooked.

We are 100+ NGOs, researchers and on-the-ground practitioners across 135 countries, working with and for street children. Together, we focus the world’s attention on the lives and needs of its most overlooked children.

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