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India is home to the largest number of child labourers in the world. ChildHope's long standing charity partner, Butterflies, works with street connected and working children reaching approximately 2000 children a day. The majority of children live and work at railway stations, bus terminus, market places and tourist spots.

Pop-up children's activity hub IndiaButterflies approach has been to go where children would congregate, build a rapport with them, and initiate study classes at times and location convenient to children. All activities are public and on the street, allowing staff to engaged more easily with children in a familiar and more accessible environment. Helping to empower children with knowledge and skills to negotiate with local government, community and families for their entitlements, which has resulted in children getting the right to go to school, and access to government health delivery systems, safe portable drinking water and public toilets. As a result, of the pop-up study class more working children are accessing quality formal education.

Deepak's story

Deepak was only 15 when he moved with his family to Delhi. There, he worked a 10 hour shift at Kashmere Gate automobile market, packing and delivering motor parts to the retailer for approx. £20 a month.India_Butterflies_Dec2014_4

Through ChildHope's partner Butterflies, Deepak was encouraged to attend mobile education classes. Deepak deeply enjoyed his studies and encouraged his brothers and friends who were working with him to join the classes. This was life changing for Deepak, and he is now studying for a GCSE equivalent qualification at the Government funded National Institute of Open Studies. Deepak hopes to achieve his dream to receive an A level education and study computer applications at University.

With your help we can ensure that more children like Deepak will have a chance to access education, donate here.

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