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International Volunteer Day logoInternational Volunteer Day (IVD) is a chance for organisations like ChildHope to recognise the important contribution of volunteering to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

As reported in Articles 19 and 20 of the first UN Volunteerism Report, the participation of volunteers is fundamental to the achievement of sustainable development. Volunteerism offers valuable opportunities for engagement and leadership to contribute to the development of peaceful and inclusive societies. Volunteerism takes many forms and there is a close link between volunteering and participation.

The participation of children and young people in all our projects is a major commitment for ChildHope. Our partners ensure that children, young people and adults work work together to address the issues they face. Children and young people participating in ChildHope partners' projects are able to influence local and national politics. Local community campaigns are changing attitudes. Respect is growing for the valuable contribution children and young people are making to their communities.

In the UK, ChildHope is supported by a skilful and committed group of volunteers, who give their time and energy to our work.

How can I contribute?
There are several ways to volunteer for Childhope. We have a number of ideas for fundraising in your community. If you're interested in doing an event for charity but you're not sure what challenge event to do, you'll be sure to find the right challenge event here.

We have a range of partnership options available for companies. A partnership with ChildHope really can have a positive impact on your business. It can help to raise your profile, motivate staff and build customer loyalty; all while giving you the opportunity to be part of something special - transforming the futures of the world's most vulnerable children.

If you are on Twitter or Facebook please spread the word to your virtual friends. Members of communities rely on the culture of understanding each other for practical purposes. As the story of one child can represent the story of thousands of children, your participation and support can make a huge difference in promoting a culture of reciprocity.

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