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ChildHope and our partner in Sierra Leone, HANCI, began working last month on a 5-year project to improve the livelihood opportunities for 720 children living and working on the streets. We will do this through better quality education and employment opportunities, and by empowering communities to protect children at risk. This continues our collaboration with HANCI since 2004 successfully reintegrating - over 700 boys and girls - back with their families and communities. The project has been particularly successful in mobilising professionals, local communities, individuals, religious leaders and community chiefs to actively defend and promote children's rights. In this next phase our focus is to improve educational outcomes for street boys and girls, particularly ensuring girls access their right to an education.

To achieve this and make a long-term difference to children's lives we will:

  • Provide for the immediate needs of street children (medical care, emergency shelter and food)
  • Equip children with the knowledge to protect themselves especially in relation to child rights, sexual health, HIV & AIDS, drug abuse and other life-skills
  • Deal with the trauma many children have experienced through one to one and group counselling
  • Support street girls who have babies to learn about health, babycare, nutrition and child development, and their babies will also be provided with food and a crèche
  • Work with local schools and education authorities to enable street boys and girls to access education
  • Pay for children's school fees, materials and uniforms until their families are economically able to provide for their children's education
  • Provide business support grants to parents whose children attend formal education
  • Work with the authorities and local communities to mitigate cultural and social barriers to girls accessing and staying in education; reduce discrimination and abuse of vulnerable children and improve child protection
  • Equip 12 primary schools with basic materials so that all children benefit
What we hope to achieve:
  1. 720 girls and boys living on the streets will access the project's services (shelter, food, health, training, education etc.)
  2. 720 street boys and girls will access and remain in either formal education or skills training
  3. 900 parents/guardians of girls and boys will receive counselling, training, and income generating grants to enable them to support their children
  4. 270 Police officers/probation officers & other justice officials/ law enforcement officers will understand and uphold children's rights and improve their treatment of street and working children
  5. 2513 Teachers, principals and student teachers will improve their child protection practices, reduce harmful corporal punishment and on improve the quality of education vulnerable children receive

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