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Not only does ChildHope work with children as children, but as part of our Street Children's project in Sierra Leone, we have been working with children who are mothers themselves. In partnership with HANCI-SL we have empowered young mothers who are living on the streets to learn about health, baby care, nutrition and child development and provided them with food and childcare for their babies.

We are also helping young mothers to realise their rights in other areas of their lives such as education and family relations. They have been able to maximise their potential through subsidised school fees, and many have returned to full-time education or accessed vocational training. They have also received trauma counselling and family reconciliation and reunification support from HANCI's social workers.

All of this work has empowered young mothers to improve both their own and their children's lives. So on this Sunday 14th let's consider the diverse experiences of mothers in all walks of life.

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