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There really is nothing more inspiring, and at times emotional, than to hear the real life stories of children we work with; children who do not have the best start in life. That is why we were delighted to give our supporters the opportunity to hear directly from some young people and our partners as they visited the UK.

Many of the ChildHope partners were in the UK to take part in a Children and Young People's Participation conference in Preston. We decided to make the most of this fantastic opportunity and asked our partners to be the guest speakers at our Supporter Event that was held at the office of Holman Fenwick Willian, our valued corporate supporter.

Over 40 supporters attended the ChildHope event and were fortunate to hear more details on work carried out in Peru and India. A big thank you to our partners for making the event such a success. Here is a brief look at the evening's discussions.

Educating Peruvian families on the hazards of child labour
César travelled from Peru with two teenagers who talked about their lives in Peru and how with ChildHope's help their lives have been improved. Please click to listen to Billi's and Zoraida's personal stories.

60% of children in Peru live in poverty and have little access to protection from violence and hazardous child labour. It is estimated that one out of four 6-17 year olds are involved in some form of labour activity in an effort to help support their families and for their own survival.

The worst and most hazardous forms of labour include brick-making, rubbish recycling and stone quarrying. Jobs such as these expose children to both grave physical and psychological risks.

Health and postnatal services in the slums of Kolkata, India
Mandipa Ghosh from Child In Need Institute (CINI) spoke about her work:

"Around 6,000 children die every day in India; one child every fifteen seconds. Most of these deaths are preventable."

We are currently starting a new project with CINI working with mothers and young children who live in under-served areas in the slums of Kolkata and consequently suffer very poor maternal and child health. The project aims to increase access to appropriate health and postnatal services, reduce malnutrition among children under 2 years old, and empower young women to become 'change agents' within their own community.
Fighting the cycle of illiteracy and poverty for street children in and around Delhi, India
Rita Panicker, Director of Butterflies discussed their aim to provide innovative, realistic and relevant programmes for street and working children. With ChildHope's help they are striving to empower these children with knowledge and skills to get them out of the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

The objectives of the programme are to empower children with knowledge and skills necessary to protect their rights, provide them necessary support for reintegration in their families wherever possible and help them develop as respected/productive young individuals. ChildHope supports Butterflies' full range of activities giving children living and working on the streets a safe place to study, sleep, eat and play.

It was inspiring to hear directly from the children and our partners. The event reminded us all that it is vital that we keep raising funds to enable our in-country partners to keep working with local children, teenagers and young adults to empower them to make a change.

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