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Universal Children's Day was established by the United Nations in 1954 to encourage understanding between children and promote children's welfare. ChildHope is working in partnership with Mkombozi to do this every day in Tanzania!

Finding alternatives to life on the streets

Mkombozi logo

Mkombozi (meaning 'liberator'), works with street-involved boys and girls in Arusha and Moshi.  Both cities attract thousands of tourists every year, looking to scale Mount Kilimanjaro or go on Safari.  But the cities are also home to many children who have escaped poverty and violence at home to look for a better life.

When they arrive, the children often face danger, exploitation and abuse.  We are working in partnership with Mkombozi to reach these children as quickly as possible and  help them to find alternatives to a life on the street.  Mkombozi's integrated programme ensures lasting change through outreach, transitional housing, education, health services, and protection of children as well as research and advocacy.

Mkombozi now supports over 1,000 children annually through direct services and between 5,000-10,000 community members every year.

 2013 Street Child Champion Awards, goes too...

Mkombozi's hard work and creativity has recently been recognised by National and International awards.

Tanzania - Art club

Former Mkombozi alumni - - Morgan, David, Rodgie and Joseph  won the 2013 Street Child Champion award on 11th November in recognition of their pioneering work with their "Hard Life Art Club".  The awards run by Consortium for Street Children celebrate people who have made an outstanding contribution to raising awareness and changing perceptions of street-connected children.  The awards were celebrated at the House of Commons with former UK Prime Minister, Sir John Major and other global development leaders.

The Hard Life Artists Art Club was founded in 2007 by the award winners and focuses on mentoring street-involved children, teaching children how to paint, draw and use other forms of art. Working closely with Mkombozi, the club now opens its doors to up to 100 children a week.  It is a  a community advocate for the inclusion and acceptance of street children in the local area. The founders are inspirational proof that street-involved children can affect social change.                                                                        

Mkombozi scoops a further two Foundation for Civil Society Best Grantee Awards!

Tanzania - Mkombozi awards

Mkombozi was awarded the overall winner from 621 organisations at the Foundation for Civil Society (The Foundation) awards as well as Best Grantee in the policy category. The awards were in recognition of their work to drive child protection and development policies in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions in Tanzania.

This Universal Children's Day we celebrate the inspiring change that our partners and the children we support worldwide ensure happens every day.  You can help ChildHope to continue improving the lives of vulnerable children. Your support is vital in ensuring children can get off the streets and into education, providing an opportunity for a brighter future that every child deserves.

Find out more½

Visit Mkombozi and  Consortium for Street Children to find out more about their work.

You can learn more about the Hard Life Artists and receive information regarding their art on their Facebook page. You can also watch their YouTube video.

The Foundation is an independent Tanzanian organization established as a non-profit company, supported and funded by a group of like-minded development partners in Tanzania.

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