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WBW 3ChildHope's partner in India, Child In Need Institute (CINI) helps mothers and children in India break free from the cycle of poverty.  CINI uses a multi-layered, rights based approach to improve nutrition, healthcare and education while protecting children whose lives are blighted by poverty.

Protect, Promote and Support breastfeeding: it is a vital, life-saving goal! 

CINI is the lead agency in West Bengal for the implementation of the First 1000 Days intervention for children - the period of pregnancy plus the first 2 years of life.  This is the most critical period of infant life. Optimal nutrition at this period is of paramount importance for an infant's future growth and development, so malnutrition in this period has a long lasting negative impact.. Promotion of early and exclusive breast feeding is one of the aims of the  First 1000 Days programme implemented by CINI.

On the 1st - 7th August we celebrate Breastfeeding Week across the globe in order to promote breast feeding to infants as an advocacy tool. There are still areas of misconception and rudimentary beliefs that can prevent early initiation of breast feeding and exclusive breast feeding. Every year CINI celebrates Breastfeeding Week, promoting educating the community on the importance of breast milk.

In different parts of urban and rural Kolkata, activities include community meetings, workshops, video shows, rallies and quiz competitions.

Some of the key messages delivered during these programmes are:

  1. Essential skills of breast feeding like positioning of the baby while breast feeding, in a calm and peaceful frame of mind.
  2. Reduction of chances of ovarian and breast cancer by breast feeding.
  3. A child will normally require no additional food if adequately breast fed during the 1st six months.
  4. Colostrum has very high nutritional value that helps to strengthen children's immunity against infection and  shape its  physical and mental growth.

WBW 1 With your continued support, ChildHope can work with organisations like CINI to help them support mothers and their new born babies to have a healthier start in life.

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