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Every Year on 1-7 August, individuals and organisations across the globe celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. Events are organised to promote awareness of the importance of breastfeeding and educate mothers about how breastfeeding can help reduce child mortality and promote the general health and well being of both mother and baby.

The importance of breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is central to the first 1000 days campaign run by ChildHope's partner, Child in Need Institute (CINI). Based in West Bengal, India, CINI aims to make sustainable improvements in nutrition, health care and protection for women and children who live in situations of poverty.

In conjunction with the Indian Government, ChildHope and CINI are working to ensure that mothers across India recognise the importance of the child's first 1000 days (which cover pregnancy and first 2 years of life) and the lasting impact that this can have on a is child's later development. Promoting breastfeeding is s key aspect of the campaign. Though breastfeeding is nearly universal in India, many mothers do not continue to breastfeed for the full 1000 days and a large proportion of mothers feed their children with animal milk or infant formulas.

Celebrating breastfeeding week in India
In the first week of August, CINI will be organising community meetings, workshops, rallies and quiz competitions to help mothers develop the essential skills of breast feeding but also to convey key messages about the value of breastfeeding. CINI already work with over 25,000 mothers and children through their health interventions and they hope that this campaign will reach thousands more, and enable them to make simple changes to protect themselves and their family.

With your continued support, ChildHope can work with local organisation like CINI to help them support Mothers and their new born babies to have a healthier start in life.

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