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Focus on Ethiopia:

Ethiopia_CHADET_Nov2010_52There are approximately 6 million orphans in Ethiopia and more than half of which were orphaned as a result of the increasing prevalence of HIV and AIDS. Approximately 1.5 million people are living with HIV, some 120,000 of them children. In addition, the number of children not in school is approaching 5 million.

Because of the many problems they face, many boys and girls are forced to leave home and to live and work on the streets in search of a better life. Once there, they find themselves with minimal or no access to basic health services and little hope of gaining an education. They are vulnerable to violence, abuse and their futures look bleak.

On the 19th November, we celebrate the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, a global initiative to protect children from abuse and violence.

ChildHope works directly with Ethiopian partner CHADET to ensure that boys and girls who are sexually exploited or abused or at risk of violence are protected, can access basic services and reintegrate safety with their families and communities wherever possible.

Our work includes:

  • Preventing the sexual abuse and exploitation of girls and reducing the practice of forced early marriage.
  • Developing strategies for supporting girls and boys who are victims of sexual abuse and exploitation - and involving boys in recognising the rights of girls.
  • Working closely with existing community and government structures to improve child safeguarding and protection.
  • Building regional networks for joint work and advocacy and supporting other civil society organisations and government agencies so they can deliver better services to street and vulnerable children.
  • Providing opportunities for some of Ethiopia's most marginalized girls to access, attend and thrive in education.

With your continued support, ChildHope can work with organisations like CHADET responding to the needs and rights of children living on or at risk of living on the streets. 

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