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On World NGO day we celebrate the important work of NGOs across the world – small and large, national and international – all of whom operate in diverse and often difficult contexts to improve the lives of marginalised and vulnerable communities.

For ChildHope this means shining a light on our partners who are the real unsung heroes, working relentlessly in challenging conditions to improve the lives of children and young people in their local communities. The zeal and energy that each of our 10 partners across Africa, Asia and Latin America bring to their work is nothing short of inspiring and a reminder of what can be accomplished with limited resources and plenty of enthusiasm!

Whilst we celebrate the incredible work being done across the world, now more than ever it is important to be mindful of the impact that we as practitioners and staff have on the communities that we work in. For ChildHope, this means protecting the welfare of children and young people facing the worst forms of injustice, violence and abuse, whom we aim to support through our projects. We do this through implementing and advocating for safeguarding policies and principles that both we and our overseas partners follow, as well as providing training to other organisations, from local and international NGOs to businesses, and support them on their journey to effectively protect their clients and themselves.

As NGOs we are continually learning and evolving, being required to adapt to new challenges and situations. However, our commitment to supporting and protecting children and young people remains at the core of our – and our partners – work.

ChildHope embeds safeguarding throughout the organisation… It is at the heart of our programming approach, creating safe environments for marginalised children and young people to grow, learn and thrive.”

– Jill Healey, Executive Director, ChildHope UK

Visit the official World NGO Day website to find our more about events and activities being planned across the globe, and click here to find out more about ChildHope’s Safeguarding work and here about our local partnerships.

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