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ChildHope Launches School Linking Radio Project

Radio for Community Development
Since the first broadcast over 100 years ago, radio has proved to be a powerful information source for mobilising social change within communities. Despite many technological advances since then, today radio continues to be the world's most active localised broadcast technology.

Together with SOAS Radio and our local partner in Uganda ANPPCAN (African Network of Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect), ChildHope is proud to make use of this influential medium to raise awareness of children's rights, not just in remote Uganda, but also in here in London.

Reducing Violence against Children
ChildHope has been supporting ANPPCAN to promote universal primary education and gender equality for children in Uganda. Over the last two years ANPPCAN has made great strides in promoting universal education; by reducing violence against children in schools, educating children on their rights, and supporting 50 schools' ban corporal punishment as a means of disciplining children.

We have found that the biggest challenge around child protection in Uganda is the lack of awareness of children's rights - amongst the children themselves and their caregivers. Children are continually at risk of sexual, physical and emotional violence from the very people who are supposed to be protecting them. In 50 schools surveyed by ANPPCAN, 98% of children reported being abused either sexually, physically or emotionally by a teacher at some point in their school life. Yet many of these abuses go unreported, largely due to the normalisation of these issues within communities.

Empowerment through conversation
Faced with this evidence, ANPPCAN and ChildHope have decided to use radio conversations to allow children to share how they experience and respond to violence within schools. Launching this month, the radio conversations will be between children in four schools in Uganda, and four schools in London. This dialogue will empower children to tell their stories, and develop skills that will enable them defend their rights in a more confident manner. The children will have the opportunity to record, edit and produce the conversations. These will form a radio campaign highlighting violence against children in Uganda and the UK.

Through the project, we aim for a community that is aware and defends children's rights that understands the impact of these abuses on children's psychosocial development; coupled with and an effective justice system that defends the rights of the child.

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