Timothy Spall

"ChildHope is a brilliant charity that fights the causes of global issues such as child labour and trafficking to protect children so they can live a normal life.

I got involved with ChildHope because the charity resonates with how complex I feel these situations are. It’s a sophisticated, hands-on and actively effective charity."

Timothy presented our BBC Radio 4 Appeal in October 2022! Hear more from him about the recording and our work here.

​Dr Sandra Scott

"Having experience of several charities, I was impressed by the respect with which ChildHope approaches working with partners. The model of working alongside local charities as opposed to swooping in with the “we know better let us help you..” sort of approach - was appealing to me . Building up local infrastructure, mutual respect of expertise.

In addition a few years back I was lucky enough to have the experience of meeting one of the children who had to be helped by ChildHope.

The chat I had with her was inspirational and made me feel proud to be involved with ChildHope, more committed , and glad to be able to help support them."

 Juliet Stevenson 

"It’s very easy to support ChildHope. I can’t think of anything more important than supporting children in situations like the children that ChildHope is helping."

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