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Writing your will could be one of the most inspiring things you do, giving children from the poorest backgrounds hope for the future.

Millions of children around the world are born into situations of deprivation and injustice. 6.6 million children under five die each year, and many more experience malnutrition, sickness, violence and abuse. ChildHope believes that this can change. The children we work with have hopes and aspirations. They want to grow up and give something back to society. To lead happy, healthy lives, with children of their own.

ChildHope’s vision is a world in which all children enjoy a life free from injustice and abuse. Your gift can help us to realise our vision, giving children hope for the future.

ChildHope’s promise to you

If you leave a gift in your will to ChildHope, we promise we will use it carefully, so that it has the greatest positive impact on children’s lives.

Your gift will be handled sensitively and respectfully and will make a significant contribution to a child’s life.

Contact Us

For more information contact Alice - or call 020 7065 0950.

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