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Do I need a solicitor to write my will?

With good professional advice your will can ensure as much of your estate as possible reaches those you intend to benefit. A solicitor will ensure that the legal formalities are correct and the will is valid. For information on how to find a solicitor contact The Law Society, 020 7242 1222,

How much does it cost to write a will?

The cost of writing a will depends on how complicated your will is. The solicitor should make their charges clear from the start.

What about inheritance tax?

Most gifts to ChildHope will be exempt from inheritance tax because we are a charity. Legislation changes over the years so it’s important to check with your solicitor or HMRC,

What type of gift should I give?

The children we work with benefit from all legacies and each is of benefit to us. There are various ways of leaving a gift

Residuary is the amount left over from your estate after you have taken care of your beneficiaries and administrative expenses have been taken out. You can leave all the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of this. This type of gift is particularly valuable as it continues to increase in line with inflation.

Pecuniary – a gift of a specific sum of money. This is a stated amount which you choose to leave to a particular beneficiary.

Specific – a gift of something of value such as an item of property, a piece of jewellery or a painting.

What if I want to change my will?

If you already have a will but would like to add a gift to ChildHope, you will need to add on a Codicil – supplementary instructions. This can simply be done the next time you update your will. Your solicitor or financial advisor can tell you how to do this.

What information do I need to include when leaving a gift to ChildHope?

Please include our name, address and our registered charity number.

ChildHope UK

Development House

56-64 Leonard Street

London EC2A 4LT

Charity number: 328434

Useful Links

The Government site,, explains the process of writing a will –

The Citizens’ Advice website also offers advice on why writing a will is important and how to do it.

For information on how to find a solicitor contact The Law Society, 020 7242 1222,

For information about inheritance tax, contac HMRC,

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