The world is facing the biggest global threat of our recent history - it demands a united global response. As the pandemic rapidly spreads around the world it is now impacting countries where our programmes are based. The continued support we are providing our partners at this uncertain time has never been more important. With your help, we will be able to provide vital support to our partners and the people they work with.

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Providing children and families with hygiene and sanitation kits(hand-washing facilities, soap/hand sanitizers and face masks) to prevent and protect them from contracting the virus. 

Communication and Community Outreach

Share key information and raise awareness about the risks of COVID-19 with children, families and community members. 

Protection and Safeguarding

Raise awareness about the risks facing children, women and girls during the pandemic and work with the government and community based structures to protect them.  

Food Security

Providing food assistance to families to guarantee they meet their basic needs and can provide for their children.  

We know that cases of abuse and exploitation increase during emergencies, so we are working together with our partners through this crisis with our key priority focus in mind - ensuring children are protected and no child is left behind.

Supporting our local partners through the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 has affected more than 200 countries around the world with a death toll over 350,000 and increasing. As Europe and the United States of America remain at the epicentre of the pandemic, cases in Africa and Asia are rising daily. Governments across these continents have imposed strict lockdowns, curfews and social distancing measures to manage the crisis. This has had a disproportionate impact on the most marginalised and those living in extreme poverty.

Many have no access to safe clean water or hand washing facilities. Family income has dropped considerably leaving families struggling for food to survive. Street connected children have no access to the streets of which they rely for food, shelter and survival. Waste pickers cannot access dump sites to scavenge for food or an income. With schools closed, incidence of sexual violence is becoming pervasive, with expected increase/ increasing cases of teenage pregnancies, more early marriages and high dropout rates among school girls are anticipated due to family pressures and high domestic workloads. Children are at greater risk of violence, exploitation or being forced to the streets to beg to meet their basic needs.

Right now, our local partners are rapidly adjusting their usual programmes in this global crisis. Working tirelessly to ensure children are kept safe, have access to basic services and are protected to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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