I’m Nicky, the new Executive Director for ChildHope. I joined Child Hope in May 2022. I have been working in the international development sector for 25 years driven by a passion for empowering and enabling children and young people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Over the years I have worked on different emerging and longstanding issues facing children and their families – HIV and AIDS, unwanted pregnancy and early marriage, malaria, poverty, discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, religion, disability – all these issues are made more challenging by stigma, discrimination and marginalisation. Despite these challenges, children and young people show great courage and optimism and given a voice, confidence and place at the decision-making table, children can be part of carving creative paths to success and find solutions.

This is what attracted me to ChildHope – ChildHope’s child-centred approach combined with a model of always working through local partner organisations embedded in local communities embracing the 'localization' agenda only recently adopted across the sector. This is a model that can truly empower children and young people and deliver practical, cost-effective programmes that change lives. With safeguarding and child protection at its core, we can bring children and young people (including those with disabilities) out of difficult and often dangerous circumstance and ensure that they can access education and vocational training, health services, protection from harmful norms, and support within the local community.

I am very proud to be joining the ChildHope team and its network of local partners across Africa and Asia.

Nicky Davies

Executive Director