I’m Colin, the Education Adviser for ChildHope, specifically working on an education project in Ethiopia. I have been working for ChildHope for around two and a half years. I have many years’ experience in the education sector as an educator, team leader, and quality improvement manager. Before working for ChildHope I spent one year working for a large education non-governmental organisation in India.

As well as my belief in the power of education to offer people the ability to make personal, valued choices that may otherwise have been denied them, I am a passionate advocate of girls’ education; especially in low income counties and in contexts where girls’ voices have traditionally been muted.

In my current role, I am lucky to be working on a Girls Education Challenge project in Ethiopia. This has given me the opportunity to work with teachers, leaders, and education officials, on delivering a more equitable and equal education for over 16,000 girls, from some of the most marginalised communities in Ethiopia. It has also allowed me to work with our local partner CHADET, and in particular develop a very close working partnership (and personal friendship) with their Deputy Director and gender and education expert Dr Wossen Argaw.

Working for ChildHope and in close partnership with CHADET, and in particular Wossen, we have had a positive impact on not only the girls’ immediate education outcomes, but on their confidence and self-esteem too. Twenty-five years on from the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a visionary agenda for the empowerment of women, much work is still needed to develop girls’ education globally. But it is rewarding to see the girls we work with in Ethiopia develop more self-esteem and broader aspirations.