The wait is finally over where plans can now be made and we can all start looking forward to events and things to do in the coming months. Maybe this year, one of those things could be setting yourself an endurance challenge. Such as taking part in a marathon walk through London, trekking the Cornish coast, or cycling from the capital to Brighton while fundraising for ChildHope.

Often, one of the first things to do is to figure out is where to start. With this in mind, below are our top five fundraising tips to help you begin your journey.


1) Set a Goal

Start by looking through our challenge events to decide which event you feel you’d get the most out of. Find an event that would help you meet a personal goal and push you beyond your comfort zone. Then check the dates and then decide on an amount you would like to raise in that time. Think about what your good at and play to these strengths.


2) Start planning

Set up a JustGiving fundraiser by writing a short story about your personal goals and your motivation for fundraising for ChildHope. Let people know your ‘why’, and how they can help. Think about a realistic training plan and take small steps to get started. Get creative with your socials and other apps to help spread the word about your fundraiser.


3) Let people know

Let people know your goal, motivation for fundraising for ChildHope, and then share your progress along the way. Send personal emails to get the word out about your challenge with ways on how people can get involved. Word of mouth is still one of the greatest methods of raising awareness, so don’t underestimate this. It will help you build a community around your event and keep people aware of your progress. Think about what practical help you might need from people and then, once you have a plan, be proactive about approaching those people.


4) Send us an email

Once you’ve started the process, send us a quick email to let us know. We can help you with our fundraising toolkit and ideas, help with your fundraiser page if you need it, and help with anything else you might need clarity on. We love to hear about the different things our fundraisers are doing, so get in touch to let us know your plans!


5) Saying thank you

Sending a personalised thank you is important. Acknowledging someone who has noticed your fundraiser and donated shows your supporters another layer of commitment to your goals. This is especially significant for people close to you. You can do this by sending them a quick email, DM or leaving a comment on your socials post. That personal touch of noticing people will go a long way in building trust and taking people with you to the finish line. A simple personalised thank you is a small gesture that can mean the world to someone.


Those are our top five fundraising tips to help get you started on your fundraising journey. We can’t wait to welcome you to our Fundraising Hero community!

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