Ayesha* loves going to school and wants to be a Police Officer when she grows up.

Ayesha was adopted by Akhtar and Razia when she was only three months old. Having two sons, her parents wanted a daughter, and adopted Ayesha from her biological mother. While Akhtar worked as a rickshaw puller, Razia left her job at a garment factory to take care of Ayesha. However, due to financial pressures, Razia went back to work at the garment factory when Ayesha was three and a half years old. Razia heard about Nagorik Uddyog’s day care centre from an acquaintance and was interested in it as she worried for Ayesha’s safety while she was at work.

When Razia visited the day care she liked the atmosphere and appreciated that it looked after the children for long hours, allowing mothers to work. Ayesha was enrolled at the centre in 2014 and continued for two years. At the centre Ayesha received the care she needed. When she enrolled, she had a problem with her left eye but the project staff at sponsored Ayesha to receive eye treatment at an eye hospital for nine months. Fortunately, Ayesha’s vision was restored.

Later, Nagorik Uddyog supported Ayesha to get into a mainstream school, in Class 1. However, her parents could not afford the school fees, so she was enrolled at the drop-in centre instead. In 2017, she dropped out of the centre as her family moved away.

A few years later, the family returned to the area and Ayesha enrolled in a local school. Sadly, when she was in Class 5, she had to drop out as her mother got involved in a family feud and went to jail. Shortly after, her father fell sick. Her older brother came with his wife and two-year-old daughter to live with them and take care of their ailing father. His wife however did not like Ayesha.

"She would neglect me when providing food for the family. I had nowhere to go, and I missed studying, so I contacted the drop-in centre and told them everything. They encouraged me to return.”

Ayesha joined the centre again in 2020.

"I am a peer member and have improved a lot in my studies. I also regularly participate in events and awareness programmes. I came first in the Kodom (moderate learner) class and feel more confident now.”

Ayesha shows constant improvement and has great interest in her education and enjoys the extra-curricular activities. She dreams of a better life in the future and wants to become a Police Officer when she grows up.

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