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ChildHope Learning Resources section includes a number of useful resources and materials which have been compiled by ChildHope and our local partner organisations.

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Lunch and Learn seminars:

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19th September - Children's Participation & Sexual Violence- Helen Veitch, founder of Children Unite

23rd February - Child Protection & Case Management , presented by Sally Proudlove, Lead for the UK National Commitee for UNICEF

22nd February - The Rights of Children in Street Situations, UN General Comment, presented by Lizet Vlamings CSC Advocacy and Research Manager


19th December - Protection and Safeguarding of Deaf and Disabled Children, presented by Steve Crump the founder of DeafKidz International and the Head of RCP Global at the Royal College of Physicians

8th December - Children and Young People's Participation by Dr Vicky Johnson, a Principal Research Fellow from University of Brighton

15th November - Children's Experiences of Everyday Violence, with evidence gathered over 15 years from: Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. Presented by Kirrily Pells a Lecturer in Childhood at UCL Institute of Education

24th October - Data Protection & GDPR: Children’s Rights to Privacy, presented by Linda Raftree

6th September- Social Inclusion & Child Protection, presented by John Kingsley Cornwell

20th June - Protection within the Policy, presented by Sally Proudlove, UNICEF

2nd June - Perspectives on Protection, presented by Kamela Usmani and Mark Hoult-Allen

2nd May - Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Children, presented by Julian Eaton, CBS International & London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

24th April - Protecting Children in violent and complex families

30th March - How to Protect Children on the Move. Presented by Kristen Hope Burchill and Olivier Feneyrol, Terre des hommes

23rd February - Sexual Violence and Exploitation of Children in Gangs, Participatory Practice and Contextual Safeguarding. Presented by Elizabeth Ackerley and Dr Fiona Factor, The University of Bedfordshire


29th November - Children Who Substance Misuse

27th October - Disability & Child Protection in Programming

10th May - Transnational Child Abuse - Access to justice and Support for Children. Who is responsible?

13th April - Protecting children who are in conflict with the law

10th March - Supporting Children to disclose Abuse

10th February – The Impact of Trauma & Abuse on Children’s Attachment and Development

Child Participation

Children and Young People’s Participation Training Workshop Guide

Child Protection

Introduction - English version

Stage 1 – Introducing Child Protection

Stage 2 – The Necessary Foundations

Stage 3 – Developing A Child Protection Policy

Stage 4 – Implementing Child Protection Policies

Stage 5 – Dealing With Obstacles And Challenges

Stage 6 – Monitoring And Evaluating Child Protection Policies

Appendices 1-15

Appendices 16-30

Child Protection - Spanish version

Child Protection Toolkit – Spanish

Child Protection - French version


Stage 1 – Introducing Child Protection

Stage 2 – The Necessary Foundations

Stage 3 – Developing A Child Protection Policy

Stage 4 – Implementing Child Protection Policies

Stage 5 – Dealing With Obstacles and Challenges

Stage 6 – Monitoring and Evaluating Child Protection Policies

Annexe 1 (Appendix 1-15)

Annexe 2 (Appendix 16-30)

Child Protection Arabic version

Child Protection Toolkit – Arabic


Stories of lives transformed by Grambangla Unnayan Committee

Protection from Violence


ANPPCAN – Child Protection Training Manual for Persons Working with Deaf Children

ANPPCAN – Towards elimination of child trafficking to address child abuse

Uganda Reproductive Health Bureau (URHB) – The responsiveness of Uganda’s Public Health System to the Needs of Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

UYDEL – Trafficking and enslavement of Children in Uganda

Sierra Leone

Street Child – National Head Count of Street Children in Sierra Leone


Mkombozi – Mkombozi’s Position On Foster Care

Mkombozi – Enhancing resilience in vulnerable children – a primer for child care professionals

Mkombozi – Enhancing Resilience In Tanzanian Youth Separated From Their Families

Promoting Participation

Promundo – Men, Masculinities, Sexual Exploitation And Sexual Violence

Promundo – Working with Young Men series

UYDEL – Consultation with young people for a Toolkit on Monitoring, Evaluation and Reintegration

Quality Education


Pendekezo Letu - The role of girls' education in Pendekezo Letu's interventions in Nairobi

Mkombozi – Methodology For Delivering And Practicing Non-Formal Education In Tanzania


Butterflies - Children's stories

Butterflies - Children's Stories Booklet

Sierra Leone

Street Child – Children at Risk of Never Gaining Basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy in Sierra Leone


How Mkombozi Undertook The Process Of Localising Management


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