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ChildHope supports children and young people who face the worst forms of injustice, violence, abuse, and hardship in Africa and Asia. Working in high risk situations, children, young people, and adults may be more vulnerable. Through our work, we aim to ensure that all those who come into contact with children and young adults are aware of the duty of care to ensure no harm comes to them. We are committed to child protection and safeguarding, protecting them from harm, exploitation, or abuse while ensuring their well being and rights are protected. Their safety and protection is our priority.

Based on our 30 years of experience working internationally with vulnerable children and young people, we provide a range of protection and safeguarding consultancy, training, and strength building services. Our services support organisations to develop, strengthen, and implement safeguarding measures, and to identify the risks that programmes and operations are exposed to.

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Our Safeguarding Consultancy - Our South2South Network

The South2South Network - ChildHope's new consultancy for child protection and safeguarding. ChildHope and our local partners have long championed the need for child protection systems that make sense for the people implementing them, and the children benefitting from them. With a few of our local partners we offer a range of protection and safeguarding consultancy, training, and capacity building services.

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