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As August comes to a close, children across the UK are preparing to go “back to school” with fond memories of their summer holidays. Armed with new clothes, shoes, and other school supplies, our children will continue their quest for knowledge as they grow and learn.

Yet, the reality is that for hundreds and thousands of children worldwide, there is no “back to school” feeling. Many of them do not even know of school; education was simply never available to them, whilst others were forced to drop out midway. The cost of school fees and supplies is often so prohibitive families simply cannot afford to place their children in school. Instead, many of these children will continue to live on the streets or in slums, work in dangerous conditions such as dumpsites, or face violence and abuse.

Will you donate to ChildHope’s Back to School Appeal to help us give children the best possible start in life and achieve a better future?

At ChildHope, we not only get children back into education, but we also identify and address the reasons they cannot attend or dropped out in the first place. Every pound goes a long way:

Between 2012-2016, 97,230 children were reached by our educational programmes, and we’ve had some incredible successes emerge, demonstrating the power of education to transform lives.

Education is undeniably a powerful tool for children to break out of the cycle of poverty. So many of the children we support have proven this, with many pursuing their dreams of going to university. Yet, there are still many more who require our help.

Please will you make a donation today so we can continue to give more vulnerable children the chance to escape the dangers of the streets, get back to school, and flourish?

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