Writing your will could be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Your gift could change a child’s life. 

Leaving a gift in your will could make the world of difference to the marginalised children we work with. Your gift can create long-lasting positive change for girls and children with disabilities in education, for working and street connected children, and children trapped in poverty and modern day slavery.

Your legacy, their future 

How your gift can bring hope to children

Healthy Futures for Bangladesh’s Child Waste Pickers

"I used to see our neighbours’ children coming from their schools but it never crossed my mind of going there. One day a neighbour began talking to my parents about Grambangla School. How good it was and what it. At first, my parents were not convinced because they thought that they would have to pay tuition fees, which they just couldn’t afford. It wasn’t until when some teachers from Grambangla School made some home visits. The teachers described the facilities and support the school offers with free tuition fees, uniform, education materials and mid-day meals. As soon as I was enrolled in Grambangla Day Care Centre my life was turned around." - Golapi, Healthy Futures for Bangladesh’s Child Waste Pickers

Girls Education Challenge, Ethiopia 

"Through education you can empower a girl, develop her self-esteem, you can help her in a positive way; that is the impact. This is what I have been doing all my life. I have been contributing to the building up of positive self-esteem and self-worth in people and preparing them for life." - Dr Argaw Wossen, Deputy Director CHADET Ethiopia

How to leave a gift for ChildHope in your will

  1. Write down what you own – property, savings, and valuables – and work out an approximate value
  2. Consult a legal advisor - take care of your loved ones and find out how to include a charitable gift in your will
  3. Decide what type of gift you want to leave to each of those you have named
  4. Make an appointment with a solicitor who can then draft your will based on your wishes

By letting us know your intentions, we can ensure that your gift makes a significant contribution to a child’s life. Sharing your plans with us won’t hold you to any obligation, whatever you share with us will stay confidential.

If you’re planning on leaving a gift in your will for ChildHope, we would like to personally thank you so please do not hesitate to contact our team.

​Need support in writing your will? 

We have partnered with Kwil to make will writing easy. With Kwil, you can write your will in 30 minutes online and they will donate 50% of each sale from their will writing service back to ChildHope.

Some questions you might have 

We have put together a FAQ's brochure for leaving a gift in your will for a charity.

Our impact in 2020

Our impact in 2020


Children were supported to ensure no child was left behind in the COVID19 pandemic
Our impact in 2020


Children protected from violence and abuse
Our impact in 2020


Children given access to formal education
Our impact in 2020


Children participating in decision-making and inclusion
Our impact in 2020


Children with improved health and well-being
Our impact in 2020


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