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Interesting and diverse programme - definitely 'filling a gap' in the sector. Lunch and Learn Seminar Participant 2017
As a member of the fundraising team, I found it invaluable to learn how programmes professionals operate and what conversations are being had regarding children's rights and participation. Thank you for allowing me to be included in this. Lunch and Learn Seminar Participant 2018

Child Rights & Safeguarding seminars

We recognise that child rights and safeguarding the welfare of children is both an individual and organisational responsibility that extends to both our work in the UK and our overseas. Through our seminar work, we aim to ensure that all those who come into contact with children are aware of the need to protect children and know how to do this more effectively.

ChildHope will hold a series of seminars starting in Autumn 2018 on the theories, principles and practices that underpin child protection and work with vulnerable children.

Child Safeguarding seminars for charities and corporate organisations

The seminars aim to:

  • Explore the theories, principles and research that underpin child protection practice
  • Share methodologies and interventions that successfully transform these theories into effective practice
  • Discuss how the theories and principles apply more widely to the work of child focussed agencies

Upcoming Seminar dates:

What our Lunch and Learn Participants said...

These are really valuable and I'd love to see them run again. Lunch and Learn Participant 2018
Really good - the format provides 'input' as well as safe space for sharing and hearing from peer attending! Lunch and Learn Seminar Participant 2017

Child Safeguarding Training & Consultancy Support

ChildHope’s Child Protection Toolkit

This is a practical learning tool and set of resources designed for non-government organisations, particularly in Africa, Asia and South America, who are working to protect children. It aims to outline both the key principles relevant to Child Protection, and also the stages needed to develop, implement and evaluate Child Protection policies.

I am happy that I have learnt how to make a child protection policy. I am also proud that my organisation will soon have one.

HANCI Child Protection Workshop: Sierra Leone

Visit ChildHope’s Learning Resources page to access the toolkit in English, Spanish, French, Arabic.

Child Safeguarding Training & Consultancy Support

ChildHope has developed a number of training courses in relation to different aspects of organisational Child Safeguarding for UK based organisations and for local NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. If you would like to discuss tailor-made training or consultancy support for your organisation, please send an email to our safeguarding specialist on

A partnership approach

ChildHope’s approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships.

Our partners are committed to child rights and understand the context of children’s lives. They share our values and deliver programmes that change the lives of children for the better.

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