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Children and young people with disabilities

When children face multiple disadvantages and also have disabilities, the chances that they will be abused, exploited or neglected are even higher. We recognise that the percentage of children with disabilities participating in our programmes is not representative of the number of these children in society. We aim to enable ‘hidden’ children and young people with disabilities to become more visible and for our projects to become more accessible to them. At the same time, we will become better connected with disabled people’s organisations and other agencies able to provide specialist services, so we can make referrals and get support when needed.

Children with disabilities: five year strategic priorities

By 2020

  • The needs of children and young people with disabilities will be clearly articulated in each of our projects
  • The proportion of children and young people with disabilities represented in our programmes will better reflect that of the society our partners are operating within
  • We and our partners will have active disability inclusion policies and implementation plans, which will form part of our partnership agreements

A partnership approach

ChildHope’s approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships.

Our partners are committed to child rights and understand the context of children’s lives. They share our values and deliver programmes that change the lives of children for the better.

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