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Established in 1989, ChildHope has pioneered an approach that goes beyond quick fixes. Over the years, our work has helped make a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of children ensuring that they can build a life away from the dangers of the streets.

ChildHope is currently supporting 79,014 children and young people to make long term improvements to their lives. Our programmes reach a further 42,306 adults. This community-based work is vital in raising awareness of the need to better protect and support children, and developing child protection mechanisms over the long term.

Monitoring our impact

It is important to us that we evaluate our work and reflect on our impact. We advise and train our local partners to effectively monitor project impact using a range of different approaches. For each project we conduct a baseline survey to establish the current situation against which progress ismeasured and specific indicators of change are established. Throughout the project, we support ongoing participatory monitoring including children, families, the wider community, other stakeholders and project staff.

We also take the time to reflect more widely on what is working, and what isn’t with our partners. In this way, we improve project design for future and ensure we continue to respond to the changing needs of the children we support. And, we use this evidence to lobby for long-term change throughkey networks.

educating children and young people in Kenya.

Learning to improve our impact:

Over the years we’ve learnt some key principles which we apply to all of our projects…

Change can only happen when children are safe and protected. We ensure all our partners and communities are aware of the need to safeguard children and how to do this effectively.

Children are experts in their own lives. The most effective programmes keep children at the heart of their work and involve them in decision making, project design and delivery.

Whole families and communities need to be involved, men and boys too. In this way, we can create environment where children and supported to fulfill their potential.

Prevention is better than cure. We work to prevent children resorting to a life on the streets by tackling the build up of conditions such as violence, risky migration, early marriage and sexual exploitation.

The sooner the better. Early identification of children on the streets means that they are quicker to engage with project activities, have better chances of safe return home and improved long term prospects.

The key is to ensure former street children stay in school, and succeed, not just enrol. Our projects provide intensive compensatory classes before they rejoin mainstream, support their siblings into school too, and support families to increase their income so can better pay for schooling.

A safe home is best. Long-term residential care can create dependency and isolate them from their communities. We work with parents and guardians to create a safe environment where the children can return, providing short term transitional care when necessary.

A partnership approach

ChildHope’s approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships.

Our partners are committed to child rights and understand the context of children’s lives. They share our values and deliver programmes that change the lives of children for the better.

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