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About the project:

Tusonge has been delivering a pilot project to establish a local child protection framework, including a child protection committee, a child rights club and a network of local stakeholders, who all have some responsibility for the protection of children and their rights. The child rights clubs are based at local primary schools and have 50 members, 30 boys and 20 girls, who meet every Friday afternoon to learn about and debate on their rights.

Who we are helping:

Children, families and community members in Moshi, Tanzania

How we plan to help:

Tusonge trained two teachers on child protection and child rights and in participatory approaches to learning such as drawing, role play, stories, songs and poems. The children have used pictures and drama to share their knowledge on rights with over 200 other students in the school, their families and the wider community.

During a ChildHope visit, the children talked confidently about their rights, were knowledgeable about who to approach for protection and took it in turns to present their drawings and the rights they represent.

Two child rights club members, a girl and a boy represent the voice of children on the local 10-member child protection committee and have the opportunity to raise individual cases of child abuse and identify appropriate support with other committee members, including elected community representatives, parents, teachers and Christian and Muslim faith leaders. In addition to individual case management, committee members take every opportunity to raise awareness about parental and community responsibility for child protection. The child protection committee has been liaising with the network of key stakeholders, including the district education office, the police, the social welfare and community development offices and faith groups on the referral of 20 individual children identified as requiring protection and support.

How this will improve the child’s life:

The project is creating a safer community for the children who live there and enabling more children to understand and realise their rights.

Set up a monthly gift and give children a chance of a better future.

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