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​“I want my children to have a different future to us. I want them to finish school, to progress.” Julia Mamane

In Peru, ChildHope has been delivering a BLF-funded project with partner Amhauta since 2014. The project aims to improve education and address the severe inequalities experienced by indigenous children and their families in the remote rural schools in the region of Cusco. It is working to improve inter-cultural teaching approaches in order to raise the academic achievement of Quechuan children, while working with parents to promote positive approaches to education and offer alternative livelihoods options that enable parents to pay the costs associated with sending their children to school. The project is also promoting grass roots advocacy by community leaders with local decision makers and policy makers, aiming to ensure that the education provision in Peru is fairer for all.

Who we are helping:

The project aims to improve the learning experience of Quechuan children. In order to achieve this, the project works in fourteen communities and formal agreements have been signed with Community Assemblies, schools, the Local and Regional Education Authorities, in order to formally establish the project at every level. Multi-level engagement is crucial, as a lack of commitment at any one level could leave a gap that is damaging to the project as a whole.

2 Peruvian girl childs at their home

How we help:

Working with Children

Regular classroom mentoring, providing additional support to children within their classrooms, 2 – 3

times a month

Working with Families

  • Microcredits to families on very low income, backed by workshops on small business development
  • Education Promoters identified and trained in methodologies to provide effective support to families
  • Home visits to families to provide individualised support where the need is high

Working with Schools

  • Workshops with Parent Teachers Associations and development of School Councils comprised of parents, teachers and pupils. Both bodies participate in workshops to identify the priorities and develop education monitoring plans
  • Teacher training days involving teachers from across the project area and further training specifically for School Directors

Working with Communities

Training for Community leaders on education, advocacy and proposal writing for the Participatory Budget, which allows communities to develop proposals for funding from the Municipality

Working with Authorities

  • Joint development of peer-to-peer learning workshops with the Education Authority (UGEL)
  • Regular meetings education authorities and participation in the Mesa de Concertacion, which addresses issues of education, protection and health in the region.

How this will improve the child’s life: By working with the people who have an impact on the children’s education, we aim to ensure that children feel encouraged to go to school by their parents, welcomed and taught well by their teachers, and supported by policies and laws that protect and respect them. With these changes, children’s experience in school will be happier, safer, and this will encourage them to stay and learn.


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