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About the project:

In 2015 ChildHope, with partner CESIP in Peru, were selected as Aberdeen Asset Management’s Emergent Markets Charity Partner, with a commitment of three years’ funding for a project starting in January 2016. ChildHope and CESIP are addressing the issue of access to safe and quality education for children facing child labour, violence and exploitation, through targeted activities providing direct educational support to children, as well as beginning to engage those people and institutions in the children’s lives whose decisions can have a big impact on their futures: parents, teachers and the local government.

Peruvian boy child writing in classroom 

Who we are helping:

The project is supporting children who spend long hours working, often in hazardous conditions, and who experience violence, exploitation and abuse in their lives.

How we help:

We get buy in from the local authorities, building relationships with local government officials, who are crucial in enabling changes to take place. All 4 local educational authorities (UGEL) have signed an agreement for collaborative working with CESIP, with 2 having expressed interest to promote strategies for the prevention of violence and raise awareness about child labour.

In eight project schools we are implementing measures to protect children and young people against mistreatment, sexual violence and child labour. This will be critical to improve the reporting of violence or abuse to the local authorities.

We are supporting teachers to develop innovative teaching strategies and social skills activities, which have proven successful in helping vulnerable children and young and people gain confidence in – and out of - the classroom. 86.8% of children in the project report feeling more self-confident and 36.5% have improved maths and communications grades.

We encourage parents’ participation, through workshops being organised in conjunction with schools and on evenings, to ensure maximum attendance.

The Peruvian Ministry of Education has extended its national educational support programme in 2017 to cover all 8 schools involved in this project. This provides a good opportunity to focus on the psycho-pedagogic support and social skills workshops, which have received particularly positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.

How this will improve the child’s life: By working with the people who have an impact on the children’s education, we aim to ensure that children feel encouraged to go to school by their parents, welcomed and taught well by their teachers, and supported by policies and laws that protect and respect them. With these changes, children’s experience in school will be happier, safer, and this will encourage them to stay and learn


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