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Slavery’ is not an historical phenomenon, in Nepal it is believed that 234,600 people are victims of Modern Day Slavery (MDS) such as trafficking for sexual exploitation, domestic work, forced labour or early marriage. Slavery & poverty are inextricably linked, with poverty usually being the root cause. The project aims to contribute to the eradication of forced labour, ending modern slavery and human trafficking in Nepal (SDG 8.7), enabling women and young people to lead a life with freedom and dignity, and overcome the physical and emotional trauma of slavery. Focused in two high-risk districts the project’s outcome will be the socio-economic empowerment and protection of survivors of slavery, vulnerable adolescents and women, reducing the vulnerability levels of the potential victims and enhancing the capacities of survivors.

To realise this, the project will create better access to education, skills development and economic empowerment opportunities for at risk adolescents or their families, and survivors. Survivors will gain the confidence and skills to rebuild their future. Advocacy, led by young people, will generate synergies among CBOs, NGOs, Government and Youth to build a strong protection mechanism. Young people will lead activities to influence power structures in collaboration with civil society actors to bring need-based policy change. Intended Outcomes of this Partnership Project between ChildHope and Shakti Samuha is the socio-economic empowerment and protection of surviors of slavery, vulnerable adolescents & women. The project will achieve the following outputs:

  • Dropout girls and boys (6-14 age group) get re-enrolled to schools and drop out adolescent girls and boys (15-18) get enrolled for vocational trades/schools. Survivors & at risk young girls/women will have access to economic development opportunities
  • Effective mechanism are established at different levels & all stakeholders are capacitated to proactively respond to slavery cases & protect the victims/survivor
  • Survivors will have better capacities to overcome their traumatised situation & smoothly reintegrate into the society
  • Youth as change agents start influencing policy makers/duty bearers to ensure apt policies are framed & effectively implemented

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