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To create long-lasting change, solutions needs to come from the ground up – from the children themselves, communities and organisations. In this way, we ensure that the projects are relevant and realistic.

We believe that the most effective and best-targeted programmes encourage the participation of children. Participation goes beyond just listening to children, it means taking their views seriously and ensuring that they can influence both policy and practice. They are the true experts and can teach us so much about the impact of the injustices they face and how they feel their problems can be addressed. We encourage partners to include children and young people at every stage of their programmes and provide training and resources to encourage active participation and ‘child friendly’ approaches.

From 2012 – 2015, 27,031 children took part in participation activities across our programmes


Children living and working on the streets in Delhi approached ChildHope partner Butterflies to explain that the small amounts they were managing to earn were often stolen and they had no safe place to keep or save their money. After much negotiation, Butterflies and the children created a new ‘bank’ – the Children’s Development Khazana. Now operating across India and in several other countries, the Khazanas are managed and run by the children themselves. They make decisions about loans and advances and ensure banking practices are ethical and upheld. Through the programme, the children learn crucial numeracy and savings skills, as well as essential life skills, such as the importance of thinking about the future.

Participation – giving every child an opportunity to be heard

  • We will implement a measurable approach to children’s participation in the project cycle
  • All budgets will include adequate funding to realistically develop children and young people’s participation in programme development and decision-making
  • All our partners will demonstrate a deeper understanding of children’s participation, through clear examples of children taking leadership and making important decisions in programmes

A partnership approach

ChildHope’s approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships.

Our partners are committed to child rights and understand the context of children’s lives. They share our values and deliver programmes that change the lives of children for the better.

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