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The children we support have gone through circumstances that no-one, especially no child, should have to go through. Enrolling them in school is just the first step.

For children who have lost the support of family and community, and who have no other means of stability, access to education is crucial to their wellbeing. It’s a route to new opportunities and better life chances. We recognise that simply enabling children to access education is not enough. Education must be relevant, safe, empowering and must not discriminate. Opportunities should be provided to help children move into further education, training or work, so they can plan for a sustainable future.

Promoting Learning – reaching 100,000 children

  • All our education programmes will include a strong focus on economic empowerment and improved parenting so that more money is earned and spent on children’s education
  • Vocational training and business skills programmes will be well documented and shared, increasing the reach of our work
  • Education programmes will ensure that children not only attend, but thrive in schools that are welcoming and able to meet their needs
Children's education India

A partnership approach

ChildHope’s approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships.

Our partners are committed to child rights and understand the context of children’s lives. They share our values and deliver programmes that change the lives of children for the better.

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