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Every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood, but for many these rights are denied. Born into extreme poverty and violence, they have no-one to protect them. ChildHope believes that no child should face these challenges alone.

We believe every child has potential and that there is hope in even the most desperate situation. There are strengths within children, their families, friendships and communities. Policies and systems can be changed, to protect children and enable them to thrive.

Every child is different and each will find a unique path towards a better future. By strengthening the net of support around the child we aim to ensure that no child makes this journey alone.

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Our History

ChildHope was established as an independent UK charity in 1989. With support from UNICEF, Save the Children (Sweden) and others, ChildHope grew out of the recognition of the huge and growing but neglected problem of children living and working on the streets of Africa, Asia and South America.

Latest news

Latest news

World Day Against Child Labour 2017

We are marking World Day Against Child Labour and shining a light on the 215 million children who remain trapped in an endless cycle of poverty and social…

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International Day of Families, 15 May 2017

​Having the care and support of a family is a key element of child protection and identifying ways to strengthen the role of families in the lives of vulnerable…

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Comic Relief - Red Nose Day 2017

ChildHope, and Pendekezo Letu support vulnerable children and other disadvantaged community members in Kenya. Through funding from Comic relief we are…

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International Women's Day 2017

​For this year’s International Women’s Day, the theme is gender parity and equality in the workforce. Improving educational and employment opportunities…

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How we spend your money

In 2015, 6% of our income went towards essential fundraising costs. The other 94% funded our programmes work, enabling our partners to reach vulnerable children in the most effective and efficient way. In 2015 we reached 72,121 children, enabling them to access the safe, secure childhood they deserve.

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